Why Awards are Important

Do submit entries
The most important thing to do is to submit entries. Your entries will be read and promoted and that’s also great PR for your company. You know your company’s positive achievements well. Only when you make the efforts to share your company’s success stories with rest of the world will recognitions follow.

Assign a Key Contact
Assign a key contact from your company or agency who can best coordinate and submit all the entries for your company. A single person designated as a “Key Contact” from your organization will be able to better coordinate with other people, teams, and departments within your company to ensure that everyone is well represented for recognitions and that nominations are being submitted in a timely manner. If a PR or marketing agency is submitting entries then a person from the agency can be this key contact.

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Determine Who or What You Want to Nominate, and in Which Categories
It all begins by answering a simple question that you and/or your company’s executives can best answer: “What do you and your organization want to be recognized for?” By answering this simple question yourself you will be able to choose the categories that are most suitable for your company. Read more about the categories here.

Do submit entries in more than one section
A well balance of entry submissions will get your company noticed by the judges. This awards recognition program has several sections. Each section has categories in it. Read more about the categories here.

Involve Your Company’s Executives, Employees, Partners, and Clients too
Achievements should never go unrecognized. These awards cover the widest range of recognitions and achievements in the industry. So nominate your company executives, employees, partners, and your most important clients too for their achievements. You will be able to share and celebrate the success together at the awards banquet. It’s also an excellent way to bond with your most valued clients.

Do Prepare Your Entries in advance before submitting online
Prepare your answers in advance so that you can simply copy and paste them onto the online submission form. Even though the online submission forms have a save-and-return feature, having all the answers ready will make it simpler for you to quickly submit your final entries. Read the “How To Prepare Your Answers” area under each category to learn more about the questions you need to prepare answers for.

Do Submit Your Entries as soon as Possible
Don’t wait for deadlines. There is more than one deadline because companies from all over the world participate and some need more time to submit entries than others. But when you submit early, you save on entry fees and you also have more time to send updates if you want anything updated in your submission. So we do recommend that entries are submitted as soon as possible. Here’s a quick summary of deadlines and the corresponding fees.

Do Participate in the Judging Process
Volunteer to be a preliminary-round judge. As a judge you will be able to see the entries submitted by many companies around the world, and you will develop a better sense of the types of entries that judges score highly.  (You will not be allowed to judge entries in categories in which you have submitted entries, however.)  If your application is accepted you will be assigned categories based on your function and experience.  As a preliminary-round judge you will be able to judge as few or as many entries as you like, at your convenience, over the Internet. Submit your application now to volunteer as a judge.

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